How To Play


For ages 7 and up.

Number of players: 2 or more

Set up:

  1. Remove 8 stickers of your choice and insert them here… (2 stickers under each flap)
    How to play Cahootie
  2. Slide your thumbs and first two fingers under the four flaps and close the Cahootie to a point – it will look like a pyramid

How to play Cahootie:

  1. The person holding the Cahootie asks a player to choose one of the top panels. Spell out the word and move the Cahootie accordingly. Each letter opens the Cahootie in one direction – see pictures.
    how to play cahootie
  2. The player then chooses an inside flap and again the Cahootie is moved accordingly for every letter spelled out.
  3. The player then picks any of the four triangles showing and the flap is then opened to reveal a fortune, trivia, or challenge! (Cover the other sticker with your thumb to hide the sticker next to it.)
    How to Play Chaootie

Helpful Tip #1: Keep dust and fingers from touching the sticky part – it will help the reusable stickers last longer

Helpful Tip #2: Put the stickers back on the liner after playing to make the Cahootie and stickers last longer.

Helpful Tip #3: Whenever you want a new surprise revealed, just replace the stickers with new ones; you have 40 stickers of fun included!

Helpful Tip #4: Save the plastic display case to store and protect your Cahootie and stickers for future use.

Warning: Choking Hazard – Small parts. Not for children under 3 years.